Forced Into Femininity

I'm Making Progress

With this EP, "marxist body horror act" Forced Into Femininity delivers a cohesive statement in 5 tracks of visionary and thoroughly unique music. more info

Some Pepper


Some Pepper massages and tweaks busted consumer electronics and neglected sound gear until a new kind of electronic music emerges. more info

Sunk Heaven

Mirrored Confines

On this cassette release, Sunk Heaven uses decaying musical gear and hand-built contact mic instruments to carve out some true post-apocalyptic music. more info

Mincemeat or Tenspeed

Waiting for Surfin' Bird

On this LP, Mincemeat or Tenspeed adds a whole new spin to his signature sound, with hyper beats pushing his sonic wizardry to new heights. more info

Radio Shock

Trapper Keeper 7"

The one-man no wave/technoise band Radio Shock's hit single, pressed on green vinyl with a Wolf Eyes cover on the b-side and a bonus remixes EP. more info

Form A Log

The Two Benji's

The debut LP from this all-star, all-cassette tape band. Following several tape releases, Form A Log presents their most developed work to date, the concept album "The Two Benji's." more info


FORCED INTO FEMININITY cassette EP "I'm Making Progress"


We could not be more proud to announce the forthcoming release of the cassette EP "I’m Making Progress." Truly unique music by the incomparable Forced Into Femininity!

Forced Into Femininity has been the "marxist body horror act" of performance artist and musician Jill Lloyd Flanagan for 9 years. Jill is known for playing in the bands Coughs (Load Records), 2watt, Gula-Gila, and more. The music of Forced Into Femininity is a mix of asymmetrically assembled beats, strange electronic outbursts, and of course Jill's arresting vocal style. It has that truly rare quality of being unlike anything else.

Forced into Femininity’s previous albums were attempts to explore political theatre through allegory and extended metaphor. This new 5-song EP "I’m Making Progress" goes the opposite way into pure political literalism. Jill delivers her political concerns from the opposite perspective of punk. As she explains:
"Often punk has meant creating a false outsider’s view of one's own privilege and using it to self-righteously rail against the status quo. What if radicals openly talked about their own positions as gatekeepers maintaining racism, classism and sexism? 'I’m Making Progress' is an attempt to speak from the antiseptic voice of privilege, from the dark heart of liberal narcissism."

Forced Into Femininity is also embarking on an ambitious tour. You don't want to miss it:

Oct 1 - CHICAGO, IL No Nation Tour Kickoff
Oct 2 - INDIANAPOLIS, IN General Public Collective
Oct 3 - NASHVILLE, TN Drk Mtter
Oct 4 - Daffodil Meadow Art show
Oct 5 - ATLANTA, GA Eyedrum
Oct 7 - NEW ORLEANS, LA Mudlark Theatre
Oct 9 - DENTON, TX House of Tinnitus
Oct 10 - AUSTIN, TX Cheer Up Charlies
Oct 15 - MEXICO CITY Casa Gommorah
Oct 17 - TIJUANA Nett Nett
Oct 18 - SAN DIEGO, CA Rebel House
Oct 21 - LOS ANGELES, CA Werk Gallery
Oct 22 - LOS ANGELES, CA Last Projects Art Gallery
Oct 26 - OAKLAND, CA Sgraffito Gallery and El Rio
Oct 29 - PORTLAND, OR Human Flesh Body World
Oct 31 - OLYMPIA, WA
Nov 2 - TACOMA Real Art Tacoma
Nov 3 - BELLINGHAM Alternative Library
Nov 8 - SANTA FE, NM
Nov 17 - TULSA
Nov 19 - ST LOUIS The Sinkhole
Nov 31 - DETROIT, MI

FORM A LOG and DAVEY HARMS: New music on Hausu Mountain


Fellow record label (and friends) specializing in the strange and interesting, HAUSU MOUNTAIN, have put out TWO releases featuring Decoherence alumni.

Just a short while ago they released a new cassette by DAVEY HARMS. In case you missed the memo, Mincemeat or Tenspeed's Davey Harms is now releasing music as Davey Harms. Which makes his Decoherence LP, "Waiting for Surfin' Bird" the LAST Mincemeat or Tenspeed album. Or perhaps the FIRST Davey Harms album, as it was the debut of his newer "real instruments" style.

And today, Hausu Mtn releases a split LP featuring Form A Log, whose debut LP "The Two Benji's" came out on Decoherence. The split is with formidable experimental act Moth Cock, making this album a powerhouse team-up of two of the most forward-thinking acts in the modern underground. Guaranteed a true head-scratcher and brain-twister.


TWO new cassettes: Sunk Heaven and Some Pepper


It may seem that things have been quiet for a bit here at Decoherence but it can now be revealed that we have been preparing two special releases which both come out on May 12th. These are the first cassette releases on Decoherence, and while 2 doesn't quite make a "batch," these make a very cool matched pair.

Sunk Heaven's "Mirrored Confines" is 30 minutes of low-tech dungeon industrial, and Some Pepper's "Nightshades" is 60 minutes of underground cyberpunk glitch mangling. Both are solid albums and the strongest efforts to date by both artists. Decoherence is extremely honored to be able to present them both to you.

Because we think you'll be interested in owning both of these albums, we're offering a deal for ordering both together. The tapes are $7 and $8 separately or $13 together here. Just use the button below.

SUNK HEAVEN "Mirrored Confines" + SOME PEPPER "Nightshades" combo package:

Also, don't miss SOME PEPPER ON TOUR with Forced Into Femininity and Dawn Raid:

May 2 - CINCINNATI @ Last House on the Left
May 5 - CHATTANOOGA @ Sluggo's North
May 6 - ASHEVILLE, NC @ The Odditorium
May 7 - GREENSBORO, NC @ Fantasy Lounge
May 10 - RICHMOND, VA @ Auxiliary
May 12 - PHILADELPHIA @ The Vat
May 13 - BROOKLYN, NY @ Don Pedro's
May 15 - NEW HAVEN, CT @ OSborn House
May 18 - BRATTLEBORO, VT @ The Future
May 23 - COLUMBUS, OH @ Sky Lab

Special offer: Form A Log's "The Two Benji's" plus REMIX cassette


To celebrate the arrival of Form A Log's second LP on Bathetic Records, Decoherence has a special offer for those just discovering this amazing band or wanting to catch up. We have a very limited number of these package deals available: Form A Log's first LP "The Two Benji's" PLUS "The Two Benji's REMIX" cassette which was released by Refulgent Sepulchre and features 62 minutes of creative reinventions of the 2 Benji's tracks by a variety of notorious underground artists including Unicorn Hard-On, Lack, Ironing, Newton, and more! Just $18 (plus $3 shipping) for this package deal. Use this button to order:

2 Benji's LP + TAPE

If you already bought an LP from Decoherence but REALLY NEED this tape, send an email to, but do not delay. Very limited number available!

FORM A LOG "The Two Benji's" LP + REMIX tape package

Mincemeat or Tenspeed "Waiting for Surfin' Bird" release date, pre-order, and tour


The release date for the next LP from Mincemeat or Tenspeed has been set: May 6, 2014. This new LP marks the debut of a new style for Mincemeat or Tenspeed, taking his signature maelstrom of effects pedal textures and driving it full-speed into the future with new beats and rhythms. We couldn't be more excited to bring it to you. Mark your calendars, your spring/summer noise jam has almost arrived.

Mincemeat or Tenspeed is also playing a batch of shows in the Northeast surrounding this release date. All April shows are with Spiritual Recess.

Apr 16 - BOSTON, MA @ Goblin Towne
Apr 17 - PHILLY, PA @ The Vat
Apr 18 - BALTIMORE, MD @ The Bank
Apr 19 - RICHMOND, VA @ RVA NOISE FEST at Strange Matter
Apr 20 - CHAPEL HILL, NC @ Nightlight
Apr 22 - FAR ROCKAWAY, NYC @ Red Light District

May 9 - BROOKLYN, NY @ ENDE TYMES FEST at Silent Barn

May 15 - BROOKLYN, NY @ RECORD RELEASE SHOW at Death by Audio

May 16 - CHAPEL HILL, NC @ SAVAGE WEEKEND at the Nightlight

Radio Shock "Trapper Keeper" 7" out now


Radio Shock's "Trapper Keeper" single is out today with a cover of Wolf Eyes' "Imagine Yourself As Me" as the b-side. (the b-side featuring guest vocals by the talented Admiral Grey, vocalist for neo-No Wave band Cellular Chaos) It comes on a green vinyl 7" - or this cool deal we came up with: buy the download for $3 and get a poster with the cover art mailed to you at no extra charge. Both options include a download of an EP of "Trapper Keeper" remixes! Go here for either option, or to download just the digital tracks for "Name Your Price."

And if you haven't yet seen it, you should really watch the music video for "Trapper Keeper" here:

Form A Log tour dates, album stream


Form A Log are touring the northeast US and a chunk of Europe starting tomorrow, Feb.19th with a show in Providence, RI and also including an appearance at Kraak Festival in Belgium! To help spread the word and make sure everyone gives this original and unique band a listen, you can now stream their entire album "The Two Benji's" on Bandcamp.

Their full tour dates are as follows:

Feb 19 - PVD, RI @ Machines With Magnets w/ Unicorn Hard-On, Brown Recluse Alpha, Titans of Jazz
Feb 20 - BOSTON, MA @ Deep Thoughts JP w/UHO, TAPS, DJ Won't
Feb 21 - BROOKLYN, NYC @ Schoolhouse w/ Forma, UHO, Three Legged Race, Brown Recluse Alpha
Feb 22 - PHILA, PA @ The VAT w/ UHO, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Hunnie Bunnies
Feb 23 - BALTIMORE, MD @ The Bank w/ UHO, Radiator Greys, Marcel du Swamp
Feb 26 - ANTWERP - Random Gear Fest w/ The Monday Nights, Return of the Wolf, more?
Feb 27 - TBA
Feb 28 - AMSTERDAM @ Goleb w/ Laser Poodle, Shadowlust, Fetter
Mar 1 - BELGIUM @ KRAAK FEST w/lots of acts
Mar 2 - HAMBURG @ Galerie 21 w/Laser Poodle
Mar 3 - COPENHAGEN @ Mayhem w/LP
Mar 4 - GOTHENBURG @ Koloni w/LP
Mar 5 - MALMO w/LP
Mar 6 - BERLIN @ Mindpirates w/LP
Mar 7 - KOLN @ Gold & Beton w/LP

Decoherence is born


The big news is that Decoherence Records exists! The first LP release is officially out on Nov.5 and it's a great one. Form A Log's "The Two Benji's." Everyone who got a copy of the limited cassettes on the band's recent tour has raved about it, and it sounds even better on vinyl.

The 2nd LP release is already lined up, though there's no release date yet: The nation's top rhythmic noise jammer Mincemeat or Tenspeed has recorded a new album which is a total reinvention of his slamming noise jams. Can't wait to put that one out into the world.





TWITTER: @decoherencerecs



The focus of Decoherence Records is on releasing music which is unique, noisy, challenging, and strange. Music which exists at the intersection of rock, experimental, electronic, and noise. Music created using invented techniques and language.

Anyone who's curious about the meaning behind the name Decoherence could look over this definition. Decoherence is how one history out of all possibilities becomes real. On a fundamental level, it's how any kind of record (as in a record of the past in the general sense) comes to be.

Anyone who would like to be on the mailing list, has questions, or believes they should receive promotional materials can email