SUNK HEAVEN "Mirrored Confines"

Sunk Heaven is a solo project of Austin Julian, known for his neo-No Wave band The Sediment Club. With Sunk Heaven, Austin uses decaying musical gear and hand-built contact mic instruments to carve out some true post-apocalyptic music.

Though the instruments sound on the verge of short circuit at all times, this 30-minute album is a carefully assembled and coherent work. Control and chaos play tug-of-war throughout the songs on "Mirrored Confines" but Austin keeps the sides balanced.

This is the first official cassette release from Decoherence and we couldn't be happier to bring it to you. True bleeding edge sounds from the avant garde underground.

Listen to sample tracks in the player on this page. The release date is May 12, 2015 but the cassette or digital download can be pre-ordered right now.

Click here for download option.