SOME PEPPER "Nightshades"

Some Pepper is the noise project of Philadelphia resident Daby, who has been steadily making waves over the last few years as one of the most creative artists working in the tabletop sound-mangler style.

With no synthesizers anywhere in sight, the Some Pepper sound rig is a truly mutant arrangement of busted consumer electronics and neglected sound gear. Digital multi-effects pedals, stereo receivers, and 4-track recorder are massaged and tweaked until a new kind of electronic music emerges. This is real next-gen cyberpunk experimental.

"Nightshades" is a massive 60-minute album and the second of 2 simultaneous cassette releases from Decoherence.

Listen to sample tracks in the player on this page. The release date is May 12, 2015 but the cassette or digital download can be pre-ordered right now.

Click here for download option.