RADIO SHOCK "Trapper Keeper" 7"

Radio Shock is the one-man project of M.P. Lockwood, making music that falls somewhere between noise, Now Wave, and DIY electronics. Coming into existence during the fertile '00s, this release marks a bold new era for this reinvigorated project.

"Trapper Keeper" is already a hit from live shows, here given a proper recording and single treatment. The b-side, paying tribute to Radio Shock's roots, is a cover of Wolf Eyes' "Imagine Yourself As Me" (from their first self-titled album). It features guest vocals by Admiral Grey, singer for the band Cellular Chaos.

Pressed onto a green vinyl 7" record, each order also includes a digital download of the 2 tracks, and as an added bonus, a download of an 8-track EP of remixes by Newton, Poingly, Smhoak Mosheein, No.213, and more.

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